Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Healthcare Industry

Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Healthcare Industry


Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing rapidly, and it’s being used to revolutionize healthcare. Improving patient outcomes is at the heart of most modern AI technologies in healthcare. This has helped to speed up diagnosis, reduce treatment errors, improve recovery, monitor emerging diseases and optimize response.

Here are some examples of how AI is used in healthcare:

– Artificial Intelligence now makes use of computer algorithms that use data to predict the likelihood of worsening health conditions. With the availability of data on a patient’s medical history, we can predict and diagnose illness early and save those at risk of developing future complications. This could help doctors make better decisions about what treatment options they should offer and when they should be offered.

– Advances in AI have led to the development of several image analysis computer algorithms that finds and extracts specific patterns in medical images to diagnose several current and emerging infectious diseases. An example is the use of machine learning to detect abnormal regions of medical images.

– We have seen the use of AI to predict self-reported race with high accuracy, which normally is very difficult for a human medical expert to detect. Image-based algorithms that make predictions about health are behind this striking discovery.

– AI can be used to automatically understand medical records data to identify patterns of disease across multiple patients within a given population to better understand what causes specific conditions, how they develop over time, and how they can be prevented or treated effectively.

– AI in form of speech recognition technology can be used to assess recordings of human voices to diagnose conditions such as depression, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc. We can now have doctor vocal prescriptions translated directly into patients’ medical notes in real-time to reduce consultation time.


Artificial intelligence is having a huge impact on healthcare today, helping to improve treatment and patient care. Health data analytics is a trending skill in AI that enables health professionals to work with health data using predictive analytics enabled by machine learning (ML) tools.