Business Services

Cooperate Training

Equipping your employees with data literacy and technical abilities is now very essential. We bring you the best training programs that can be tailored specifically to the need of your organization or company. We can train your staff and equip them with technical skills to analyze data and drive your business with key data insights. We deliver training onsite or in client locations using state-of-the-art resources and professional trainers.

Data Governance

As the volume and sources of data continue to grow there is a need to have a framework for managing the value and integrity of data in your organization. We can help you set up a framework for data quality reporting and data quality issue management.

Data Collection

We can collect data from surveys and customer engagement campaigns, and from other sources like websites, google analytics, business documents, CRMs, photos, databases, social media platforms, smart gadgets, etc. If you don’t have data, we can design means to collect them for you.

Data Cleaning and Analysis

Data is now the most important asset a business can have. We can clean your data or enhance your existing data. We will provide you with data analysis and actionable reports. 

Dashboard Building

We can combine data from different sources so that you can visualize them in one place on a dashboard and spot trends and patterns. You can even visualize whether certain products or services are in high demand.

Machine Learning

Machine learning allows you to use your historic data to predict future trends for your business and improve many areas of your business, from predicting orders to making more sales. We can use prediction algorithms in data science to do this for you.

Data Analytics Project Management

We can help transform your business goals into data analytics workflow. We will work with you to understand your business outcomes and design a suitable data-driven solution and manage the implementation.

Rapid Prototyping

We can build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that will allow you to quickly engage with a data solution that runs on a subset of your data to show you how data analytics can make an impact on your business.

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