3D Printing and Design

3D printing and design training will help participants gain a solid understanding of 3D printing and design and fast-track their dream career in creative technology. Participants will learn the principles of 3D printing and modelling technology. You will create your own 3D designs and send them directly to our 3D printers to create real-life objects. Our 3D printing studio is equipped with the latest 3D printers and software. Our 3D printing services will also equip you with the business or career side of 3D printing technology.

Some of the development in the industry are as follows:

● 3D printing is additive manufacturing for precision prototypes and end-use products.
● 3D printing is the hottest skill in the design industry and people are looking to develop their knowledge and skills in this area.
● 3D printing is a process of turning 3D computer-aided design (CAD) into real-life objects.
● 3D printing is an outgrowth of traditional printing that turns designs into real-life objects.
● Automotive and aviation industries use 3D printers to make parts.
● Artists can create artworks using 3D modeling and printing.
● Architects can fabricate models of their projects.
● You can design and print many gift items for sale using 3D printers.
● A variety of 3D printers for homes and small businesses is readily available.
● You can print a variety of items using a 3D printer, for example, if you lose your TV remote’s battery cover, you can design and print a replacement cover.

What you will Gain from the 3D Printing and Design Training

● Supportive and innovative teaching environment
● Learn to 3D Model and then print your own designs
● Create 3D Visual aids, 3D Prototypes and Manufacturing Parts
● How to start a 3D printing career or business
● Practical teaching from expert designers
● Creative Employability skills
● Learn the latest technology in the 3D printing industry

Course Outlines(Hands-on Practical):

● Introduction to 3D Design for 3D Printing
● Introduction to various 3D Modelling Software
● Hands-on Basic to Advanced 3D Modelling using Design Software
● Assembling 3D Printers
● Understanding how 3D Printers Work
● Printing your 3D Products
● Introduction to 3D Object Databases


● Face-to-Face Program (Abuja, Nigeria):
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