Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and NFT

Cryptocurrency and blockchain training, NFT – non-fungible token training, will expose you to technologies of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and their development. You will gain comprehensive understanding of what blockchain is and how it works, as well as insights into how it can be integrated into your business or financial strategies. This course will also introduce you to NFT – non-fungible token as a new way of trading with cryptocurrency. This training also explores the blockchain and with other technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence.

Some of the recent blockchain technology being hyped in the industry are as follows:

● Google is bringing blockchain technology to its cloud services.
● Facebook has plans for blockchain-based authentication.
● Microsoft Azure allows the development, testing, and deployment of secure blockchain apps.
● IBM is now delivering blockchain service around the world.
● Walmart has partnered with IBM to create a blockchain for tracking food globally through its supply
● Mastercard has started to build their own blockchain-based payment gateways.
● Huawei’s blockchain technology offers mobile carriers superb opportunities to subscribers.

What you will Gain from the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain:

● Supportive and innovative teaching environment
● Extra support session weekly
● Office Library with world-class cryptocurrency and blockchain resources
● Practical teaching from resourceful and internationally trained instructors
● Employability skills
● Job coaching and vacancies newsletter for job seekers
● Course content that aligns with recent development in cryptocurrency and blockchain

Course Outlines:

Understanding blockchain technology:

● Introduction to blockchain
● Generations of Blockchain Technology
● Introduction to Web 3.0
● Understanding Hash Cryptography
● Immutability and Distributed P2P Network
● Mining the blockchain
● Understanding Consensus Protocol
● Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)
● Introduction to Ethereum
● Mechanics of Ethereum
● Introduction to Bitcoins
● Mechanics of Bitcoins

Practical Case Studies of Application of Blockchain technologies:

● Application of Blockchain Technology in the Food Industry
● Application of Blockchain Technology in cybersecurity
● Application of Blockchain Technology in electronic voting system
● Application of Blockchain Technology for land registry
● Blockchain Applications in Healthcare
● Blockchain Applications in Internet of Things (IoT)
● Blockchain Technology in Agriculture
● Blockchain Applications in Art and Creative Industry
● Application in other technological areas

Understanding Cryptocurrency and Big Data:

● Introduction to Cryptocurrency
● Understanding the Cryptocurrency Market
● Coexistence of Big Data and Blockchain
● Ensuring Data Quality Using Blockchain and Big Data
● Applications of Cryptocurrency with Big Data

Trading Cryptocurrency, Bitcoins, Ethereum etc.:

● How to buy and sell cryptocurrency
● Which cryptocurrency to invest in
● The risks of investing in cryptocurrency

Trading in NFT, Non-Fungible Tokens

● How NFT Work
● Introduction to Popular NFT Marketplaces
● Selling your Digital products in NFT Marketplaces
● How to Buy NFTs


● Online Program: Please fill the Form Below to Receive Time and Days Schedules.
● Face-to-Face Program (Abuja, Nigeria): Monday, Wednesday and Thursday (10am – 3pm).
Class schedules may be adjusted at times.



● U.K (Instructors Only teach Online Classes)
● U.S/CANADA (Instructors Only teach Online Classes)
● CAMEROUN/SENEGAL (Instructors Only Teach Francophone Online Classes)
● Abuja, Nigeria (Instructors teach Online Classes)
Abuja, Nigeria (Instructors teach Face-to-Face Classes)

Note: This program will have instructors from a combination of these locations with the exception of the face-to-face classes. You will normally be expected to be taught by instructors from any of these locations.

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