Cybersecurity with Data Science

Cybersecurity training with Data Science will equip interns with skills in using python and machine learning to solve complex cyber issues. In this course you will learn how to combat malware, detect spam, and fight financial fraud to mitigate cybercrimes. This training will help you to implement intelligent solutions to existing cybersecurity challenges and build cutting-edge implementations that cater to increasingly complex organizational needs. By the end of this training, you will be able to build and use machine learning (ML) algorithms to curb cybersecurity threats.

What you will Gain from the Cybersecurity with Data Science Internship:

  • ● Supportive and innovative teaching environment
  • ● Extra support session weekly
  • ● Office Library with world class data analytics books and resources
  • ● Practical teaching from resourceful and internationally trained instructors
  • ● Project portfolio
  • ● Employability skills
  • ● Job coaching and vacancies newsletter for job seekers
  • ● Course content that aligns with cybersecurity industry internationally

Technology Tools in this Internship:

  • ● Python Programming

Areas Tools will Cover:

  • ● Networking and Security Basics
  • ● Cybersecurity Management, Monitoring, and Analysis
  • ● Introduction to Machine Learning for Cybersecurity.
  • ● Hands-On Machine Learning-Based Malware Detection
  • ● Time Series Analysis for Cybersecurity
  • ● Machine Learning for Anomaly Detection
  • ● Penetration Testing Using Machine Learning
  • ● Automatic Intrusion Detection
  • ● Financial Fraud Modelling using Machine Learning

Course Outlines

Introduction to Python and Application Programming:

● Introduction to Python programming

● Data Types and Variables

● Control Flow with Conditionals

● Lists and Loops

● Functions

● Python Dictionaries

● Working with JSON file

● Using Git and GitHub for Version Control

● Creating your FIRST Python Web Application

● Deploying your FIRST python Application as Web Service

Python for Cybersecurity

● Numeric operations withNumpy

● Data Manipulation with Pandas

● State-of-the-Art Data Processing Techniques

● Data Visualizations and Insights Generation

● Introduction to Machine Learning for Cybersecurity

● In-depth Strategies of Mapping Cybersecurity threats to Data Solutions

● Selected Cybersecurity Projects using Machine Learning


  • ● Online Program: Please fill the Form Below to Receive Time and Days Schedules.
  • ● Face-to-Face Program (Abuja, Nigeria): Monday, Wednesday and Thursday (10 am – 3 pm).
    Class schedules may be adjusted at times.



  • ● U.K (Instructors Only teach Online Classes)
  • ● U.S/CANADA (Instructors Only teach Online Classes)
  • ● CAMEROUN/SENEGAL (Instructors Only Teach Francophone Online Classes)
  • ● Abuja, Nigeria (Instructors teach Online Classes)
  • ● Abuja, Nigeria (Instructors teach Face-to-Face Classes)

Note: This program will have instructors from a combination of these locations with the exception of the face-to-face classes. You will normally be expected to be taught by instructors from any of these locations.

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