Drone Cinematography

Drone training will equip participants in aerial cinematography. In the past, photographers and videographers had to hire an airplane or helicopter to produce stunning aerial footage. Today remote Drone pilots can do the job! This training will equip you as a drone business cinematographer, we will teach you how to use drones to tell an amazing story like a filmmaker and create stunning aerial footage and clips for digital businesses.

Who this training is for:
● Anyone who is thinking of buying a Drone for digital business or content creation.
● Anyone who’s been flying for a while but wants to get better video results like a PRO.
● Anyone who wants to learn all the details about these amazing pieces of technology.
● Anyone who wants to create amazing digital content using Drone.
● People who are looking for how to fly, operate and control a drone safely.
● People who want to use Drones for Cinematography.


● Whether you have a drone or not, we have a professional drone to train you on how to fly and create beautiful videos.

What you will learn:

● Introduction to Drones
● Learn the aerodynamics of drone flying
● Drone Rules & Regulations
● Setting up the Drone
● Drone Safety
● Pre-flight Checks
● Cinematic Camera setting
● DJI Setup, Calibration & Updates
● Understanding DJI GO App & Settings
● Hands-On Training on DJI Drones
● Intelligent Flight Modes
● Manual Flight Training on DJI & Flying Maneuvers
● Autonomous Flight Training on DJI
● Failsafe & Emergency Procedures
● Confidently fly your drone back to safety in case of emergencies
● Practice flying under various intelligent flight modes
● Improve flying skills to not rely on automation
● Various Drone shots to enhance your shot
● Create stunning video content with drone cinematography


● Face-to-Face Program (Abuja, Nigeria): Register below to receive the time and day schedules.

PROGRAM DURATION: 1 Month, 3 Classes per week. (Comprehensive Training with World-Class Drones)

REGISTRATION AND COURSE FEE: THE COURSE FEE IS N100,000. Fill out the Form Below to Register.

What Our Trainees are saying