Geospatial Data Science

Geospatial Data Science internship will equip interns with skills in working with geospatial data, creating code in python, and running the latest GIS software that produce geospatial analysis and applications. This internship is ideal for those who want to build a career, solution, or business in GIS and data analytics.

What you will Gain from the Geospatial Data Science:

  • ● Supportive and innovative teaching environment
  • ● Extra support session weekly
  • ● Office Library with world-class data analytics books and resources
  • ● Practical teaching from resourceful and internationally trained instructors
  • ● Project portfolio
  • ● Employability skills
  • ● Job coaching and vacancies newsletter for job seekers
  • ● Course content that aligns with the geospatial data science industry internationally.

Technology Tools in this Internship:

  • ● Python Programming
  • ● Python for Geospatial Data Science and Machine Learning
  • ● GIS Software (QGIS and ArcGIS Pro)
  • ● Spatial Relational Database with SQL (PostGIS)

Course Outlines

Python programming:

● Data Types and Variables

● Control Flow with Conditionals

● Lists and Loops

● Functions

● Python Dictionaries

Geospatial Data Science and Machine Learning:

This session will teach a broad variety of data science techniques for geospatial data.

  • ● Introduction to Remote Sensing and Machine Learning in Python
  • ● Building digital maps with geospatial data
  • ● Machine learning for Object Detection and Segmentation

GIS Software (QGIS and ArcGIS Pro):

This course will equip you with skills in using the latest GIS software. You will learn how to display and analyze data using maps. The fields that can be covered include:

  • ● Mapping
  • ● Field Operations
  • ● Spatial Analysis and Data Science
  • ● Image and Remote Sensing
  • ● Real Time Visualization
  • ● 3D Visualization

Spatial Relational Database with SQL

SQL is the language of databases. This course will equip you with practical skills in querying PostgreSQL and PostGIS databases, extracting data, and transforming data for further analysis and visualizations.


● Getting started with SQL

● Using basic SQL Operations

● Introduction to PostgreSQL and PostGIS

● Installing PostgreSQL and PostGIS for Windows

● Install, configure and administer a PostGIS server

● Loading Spatial Data in PostGIS

● Using PostGIS Geoprocessing functions

● Working with Different Spatial Data in PostGIS

● Spatial Relationships and Joins

● Performing and Visualizing Advanced Queries


  • ● Online Program: Please fill the Form Below to Receive Time and Days Schedules.
  • ● Face-to-Face Program (Abuja, Nigeria): Monday, Wednesday and Thursday (10 am – 3 pm).
    Class schedules may be adjusted at times.



  • ● U.K (Instructors Only teach Online Classes)
  • ● U.S/CANADA (Instructors Only teach Online Classes)
  • ● CAMEROUN/SENEGAL (Instructors Only Teach Francophone Online Classes)
  • ● Abuja, Nigeria (Instructors teach Online Classes)
  • ● Abuja, Nigeria (Instructors teach Face-to-Face Classes)

Note: This program will have instructors from a combination of these locations with the exception of the face-to-face classes. You will normally be expected to be taught by instructors from any of these locations.

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