Healthcare Data Analytics

Health Data Analytics internship will equip interns with skills in working with health data using predictive analytics enabled by machine learning (ML) tools that can be used to predict something about the future of a patient from historical health data. It could also be investigating a large population to determine causes of illnesses using electronic health record data or to help identify the best therapy choices for patients based on their historic health data. In this internship, you will build end-to-end projects using data analysis and machine learning to implement simple-to-complex healthcare analytics tasks to automate health insights and improve healthcare delivery.

Health Data Analytics internship is aimed at trainees from diverse backgrounds such as health-related or medical domains, including clinical or lab scientists, as well as people from biological sciences. Any other domain is also accepted, provided you have an interest in healthcare.

What you will Gain from the Healthcare Data Analytics:

  • ● Supportive and innovative teaching environment
  • ● Extra support session weekly
  • ● Office Library with world-class data analytics books and resources
  • ● Practical teaching from resourceful and internationally trained instructors
  • ● Certification and Solid Project portfolio
  • ● Employability skills
  • ● Job coaching and vacancies newsletter for job seekers
  • ● Course content that aligns with health analytics internationally.

Areas you will learn:

  • ● Analysis of healthcare data using various state-of-the-art techniques
  • ● Hands-on machine learning algorithms use in healthcare
  • ● Application of machine learning techniques to diagnose various diseases
  • ● Application of visualizations to understand healthcare data
  • ● How Artificial Intelligence can be used for healthcare
  • ● How machine learning can be used to develop health intelligence applications

Technology Tools you will Learn in this Internship:

  • ● Python Programming
  • ● SQL
  • ● Power BI

Course Outlines

Python and Application Programming for Healthcare

You will learn to understand decision support systems using data insights. You will work your way up from learning to code, and application development to leveraging data to automate decision-making processes across the healthcare industry and medical diagnosis and the end-to-end process of it.


Statistics for Data Science
Git and GitHub for Version Control
Data Types, Arithmetic Operations, Python Lists, and List Comprehension
Conditional Statements (If Else, Elif, For Loops and While Loops)
Python Function Basics to Advanced
Project Design
Building and Deploying your First Python Application
Working with Numpy
Working with Pandas 1 & 2
Data Quality Assessment, Cleaning, Transformation and Reduction 1 & 2
Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
Data Visualization
Reading Data from SQL Databases using Python
Data Analytics in Healthcare Industry
Introduction to Machine Learning and Machine Learning Algorithms
Introduction to Time Series Modeling, Deep Learning and Advances in Deep Learning
Applied Machine Learning For Health Data Analytics (EEG Signal Analysis) 
Epileptic seizure prediction and detection
Migraine detection
Applied Machine Learning For Health Data Analytics (EMG Signal Analysis)
Diagnosis of neuromuscular disorders
Applied Machine Learning For Health Data Analytics (ECG Signal Analysis)
Diagnosis of heart arrhythmia
Medical Image Analysis using Deep Learning


Microsoft Power BI training will equip you with powerful skills for visualizing data from various sources by aggregating them on a dashboard for data-driven insights. You will build a fully interactive health intelligence report and dashboard for a real-life use case.


  • ● Introduction to Data Visualization and Power BI
  • ● Data Preprocessing and Transformation in Power BI
  • ● Introduction to Relationships and Model
  • ● More on Data Preprocessing and Transformation
  • ● Introduction to DAX, measures and calculated columns.
  • ● Creating Stunning Visualizations and Dashboards


SQL is the language of databases. This course will equip you with practical skills in working with a popular database. You will learn how to query databases, extract data and transform data for further analysis.


  • Introduction to Relational Database Management Systems
  • Creating SQL Database
  • Grouping and Summarizing Data with SQL
  • Using SQL to Select Data from More Than One Table
  • Joining SQL Tables
  • Managing  SQL Tables
  • Using SQL Views
  • Using SQL Sub-Queries
  • Using SQL to Insert Data
  • Using SQL to Update Data
  • Using SQL to Delete Data
  • Using SQL Transactions


  • Face-to-Face Program (Only Abuja, Nigeria): Monday, Wednesday and Thursday (10 am – 3 pm).
  • Online Program (All Locations, Normally Night Classes): Register to get specific schedules.



  • ● U.K (Instructors Only teach Online Classes)
  • ● U.S/CANADA (Instructors Only teach Online Classes)
  • ● CAMEROUN/SENEGAL (Instructors Only Teach Francophone Online Classes)
  • ● Abuja, Nigeria (Instructors teach Online Classes)
  • ● Abuja, Nigeria (Instructors teach Face-to-Face Classes)

Note: This program will have instructors from a combination of these locations. You will normally be expected to be taught by instructors from any of these locations.

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