High Demand Skills in 2023

High Demand Skills in 2023


High Demand Skills in 2023

High demand skills in 2023 are the talk of the town presently.

Regardless of the layoffs from the previous year, demand for tech talent is expected to be considerable in 2023.

More businesses are prioritizing digitization because although lockdowns are over, they are realizing how much the pandemic has almost permanently pushed a lot of their customers online. Industries, where demand for tech talent continues to blossom, include the banking, e-commerce, and pharmaceutical industries.

4 High Demand Skills in 2023 to have

Some argue that the skills that are in high demand are those that combine working with smart machines with our human approach. Below are some of such skills expected to be in high demand in 2023.

Data Storytelling

Data storytelling is the ability to draw relevant insights from the data available and communicate the narrative in a way that influences decisions. Since more businesses are prioritizing digitization, it’s expected that over time employees will be working directly with data. This has created a crucial need for data literacy which is still lagging behind due to a lack of sufficient training. In research commissioned by Tableau, it was discovered that the percentage of decision-makers that expect basic data literacy from their employees is 82%.

Mobile App Development

The mobile application industry is one that has been booming due to the increasing rate of internet adoption in developing countries. Consumer spending on mobile apps is predicted to increase by 92% globally in 2023. There is a gap in the mobile app development market because the skills required by businesses have a low supply of talent compared to demand. Some of the most sought-after skills are usually Java, Javascript and .NET.

UX Design

Again since a lot of consumers now interact with businesses online, user experience has grown into a highly coveted skill by businesses. This is so that their customers can enjoy a positive and hassle-free experience and not leave for their competitors. Besides, a good user experience is essential for creating a secure flow of data

With UX design there is a range of fields you can specialize in including usability testing, user researching, or visual designing.


Cloud computing allows companies to store and access internet files on remote servers instead of traditional hard drives. This method benefits companies by helping improve security and efficiency.

According to LinkedIn, cloud computing is among the top three most in-demand skills. This has been said to be due to the pandemic which accelerated businesses’ move to the cloud.


Gaining these in-demand tech skills does not necessarily require a formal degree. A lot of tech professionals, are either self-taught or gained training from organizations like DataLab Analytics.