Microsoft Excel and SQL Business Use Cases

Microsoft Excel and SQL Business Use Cases



Microsoft Excel is being used by many businesses across the globe. For example, it is used by financial analysts to keep track of important data, by accountants to analyze and keep track of business data, and by marketing managers to analyze customer behavior and business trends. SQL on the other hand, is a query language used to interact with databases, it offers a unique and flexible way to access data in the database. It allows users to retrieve or get information when needed,it is a query language that is capable of modifying, updating, retrieving, and deleting data from the database. Each software is very important in handling business operations, they are very popular and easy to understand especially for their low-tech functionalities.

In this article, we listed some Microsoft Excel and SQL business use cases.

1. Data Analysis

Microsoft Excel and SQL help organizations go through the available data to find the required results or identify trends and patterns to make better business strategies. Data Analystis equipped with the task of going through these data whichcan be contained in an excel sheet or an SQL database,generate insights from the analysis and produce results for various business decisions in the organization.

2. Managing Business Operations

Microsoft Excel has played and still plays a huge role in operations and people’s management,it helps in the management of the day-to-day operations in a business., from taking stock and inventory to taking customers’ details,Excel ad SQL has grown to be an integral part of standard business operations.

3. Database Management Every organization needs a database that holds various information,the database administrator can use SQL or Microsoft Excel to store data depending on the size of the data. SQL is more appropriate for a large body of data, while Microsoft Excel is appropriate for basic storage of data in spreadsheets.