Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions explain the relationship between our websites, services and users.


● You will not use our websites or services for any illegal activities.

● Be careful of the information you drop on our websites; we will not request sensitive information like your bank or card details. We will only collect information as stated in our privacy policy.

Course Registration and Service Request

● You can register on our website for any course or service.

● You can be provided with customized solutions as a business client.

● If you are provided with a username and password, please keep them secured at all times.

● We will never ask you to send your account information so please never send your login to anyone.

● We will not be liable for any loss resulting from a data breach, cyber-attack, or misuse resulting from a product/service that has already been fully tested, executed, and handed over to a business client.

Fess paid are non-refundable

● Any subscription/fees successfully made for any of our online courses are not refundable.

● Fees paid for face-to-face courses are only refundable if a student hasn’t resumed class.

● Contract fees for work already executed for a business client are not refundable.

Trainees: Cancellation and termination

● You can discontinue your course attendance whether online or face to face at any time without giving us prior notice. Fees paid are not refundable should you discontinue your course at any time.

● We have the right to issue you with notice of when you are required to pay your fee balance (if any).

● You will be required to pay any fee balance before you complete your study. We have the right to suspend your study mid-way should you fail to pay the balance of your course fee.

● We can terminate your studentship for any misconduct without refund of fees.

● We have the right to demand that a trainee complete his/her course in full and make ALL project submissions without which no certificate of training or future recommendations will be granted.

● We reserve the right to discontinue or change our course content without notifying you.

● We have the right to change our course fees periodically without informing you.

Business Clients: Cancellation and termination

● You are not in any contract with us unless otherwise stated.

● You can discontinue the use of our service/product without any prior notice unless otherwise stated.

● You will be required to pay any upfront fee before your project’s execution start.

● We have the right to refuse to hand over your project should you default on any fee.

● We can cancel your requestor back out of your project if we notice any suspicious activity. We will give you prior notice.

● We reserve the right to discontinue or change any feature of our product without telling you.

● You have the right to change any feature of any product customized for you without telling us.

● We reserve the right to change our fees without prior notice and we will not be liable for any loss due to that.

● We do not encourage money laundering, and we will report suspicious activities to law enforcement agencies.

● We have the right to demand that any applicable tax be paid in the course of your project execution.

Please acknowledge you have read and accepted the above DataLab Terms and Conditions.

If you do not wish to accept, please close this website.

We may change the terms and conditions at any time, and we will communicate such changes via our website.